Lexevn - User Story

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Lexevn - User Story

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Who is your go-to streamer on Kick?

Lorylie, Zhennii, Lyrrah, Lunaria

What is your favorite kind of content?

VTubers have honestly been my go-to for the content I consume. Most of the VTubers on Kick have been so nice to watch and super friendly! I really like chaotic and active streamers who interact with chat and there's plenty of them to go around in that category on Kick.

I really enjoy watching people work on stuff they're passionate about too, like how Zhennii has plenty of art streams and is always able to interact with chat while making some amazing art. Lorylie does model customizations called rigging which is the work to make VTubers' models move/talk/interact.

Other streamers are fun to watch and interact with, like Lyrrah will talk and dance but also talks about super interesting topics and will invite some people on which makes for very funny content. Lunaria is an ES/EN who's great to watch, funny and reacts to her Discord meme submissions. There's much more in the VTuber category but this list would be much too long to talk about and name them all. Love you all!

What are your favorite features on Kick?

I really love the KCIP, but honestly I've loved the simple looks and features of the UI. I just can't get over how clean and simple everything is, I love it and I enjoy being able to know where I'm navigating at all times.

Regarding viewer etiquette & community, what are your top tips for other viewers?

Some tips I'd love to tell users is please don't talk about trauma in chats, while we're here for you during your hard times, please understand we are not your therapists. Other than that, trolls are trolls and what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What made you move to Kick?

I was pretty happy with other platforms, and while I didn't hear the best things about Kick, I wanted to check it out. I don't normally use streaming platforms all that much, but with all of the lovely people I've met here since I've made an account on Kick, I've been able to adjust to the change and actually love every minute I spend here.

What are your interests & passions outside of watching streams?

I absolutely love editing. I've been editing for content creators since I was 18 and I don't think I'll ever stop. I consume so much content on Youtube and TikTok, being a part of the creativity has really been something I'm hoping to create as a job! I wish to edit forever, it's a really fun way to get some creativity out with memes, or by trying to show others creativity flow.

👀 kick.com/Lexevn