Merry Kickmas 2023

Join the 2023 KickMas Event - Celebrate the Holidays by recording your Christmas message.

Christmas on Kick, Article photo for the event Merry Kickmas
In the season of joy, where the snow gently falls,
A call for creators, echoes through virtual halls.
Come one and all, with your festive cheer,
Share your Kickmas messages, far and near.
On live streams, where your spirits soar,
Capture your message, something to adore.
Post your clip, with a link so bright,
Under Kickmas, shining like a light.
Encourage your community, let them partake,
In this festive event, for goodness sake.
With laughter and joy, let your messages twirl,
Welcoming all, every boy and girl.
Gifted subscriptions, a reward so sweet,
For the best clips we meet and greet.
So spread the word, let the joy amass,
In our wondrous event, #MerryKickmas!

A Festive Compilation of Christmas Messages

This holiday season, we're bringing together creators from all corners to participate in a grand compilation of Christmas messages. Whether you're a seasoned streamer or just starting, we invite you to be part of this festive gathering. Capture your special holiday message live on stream, infusing it with your unique style and cheer.

How to Participate

Participating in our Kickmas event is simple and fun! While you're live streaming, record your personalized Christmas message. Once you've captured the perfect moment, post your clip along with the link to the clip on X (Twitter) using the hashtag #MerryKickmas. This hashtag isn't just a way to track entries; it's your ticket to joining a community-wide celebration of the holiday spirit!

Spread the Joy

But why stop with just your message? Encourage your community to join in the fun. Challenge your followers and fellow creators to share their own Christmas messages under the #MerryKickmas hashtag. The more the merrier, as they say, and this is the perfect opportunity to spread joy and holiday cheer far and wide.

Santa's Special Delivery

And here's the exciting part – Santa, represented by our very own KickTeam account, will be making rounds to deliver presents. If you're still keen on receiving a gift, you might just find yourself with 5 gifted subscriptions!

Celebrate With Us

So, grab your Santa hats, light up your streams with festive decorations, and get ready to share your holiday spirit with the world. We can't wait to see the creativity and joy your messages will bring. Let's make this a Kickmas to remember!