Kick Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer

Kick Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer

Love is in the Air!

Kick off the season of love with our Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer event, and let the arrows of affection fly!

How It Works: A Mystery of Hearts

For those who believe in love, here's your chance to send a secret message that's sweeter than chocolate and more sparkling than champagne. Simply fill out our Google form with your details, your crush or friend's details, and a compliment that could melt the coldest of hearts. Both sender & receiver must have Kick & X (Twitter) accounts to be eligible.

💚 Submit your secret message here 💚

A Day Full of Love... and Guesses!

From the break of dawn at 7 AM to 7 PM EST on Valentine's Day, our very own Kick Cupid, KickCommunity X, will be spreading the love. Every hour, a special message will be posted, tagging the lucky recipient along with your heartfelt message. Imagine the thrill as they see a message that sings praises of them, not knowing who it’s from. Oh, the mystery! The intrigue!

Gifts of Affection

But wait, there's more! Both the secret admirer and the admired will receive 5 gifted subs and a beautiful Kick chat message from Kick Cupid. Whether you're sending or receiving, love will definitely be in the air (and in your chat)!

Ready, Set, Love!

Don't let this chance fly by! Be the reason someone smiles wider and feels the warmth of affection this Valentine's. Remember, it's the thought that counts, and in this case, the thought comes with a bit of mystery and a lot of fun. Let's spread love, laughter, and a little bit of guessing this Valentine's Day. Who knows, you might just be someone's reason to fall in love with the idea of love all over again.

Love is waiting; let it in with a message that could change everything.