Big Esky $300 Rocket League Duos Cup Sponsored by KICK

First Sponsored Rocket League Tournament on Kick with $300 in Prizes up for grabs!

Big Esky $300 Rocket League Duos Cup Sponsored by KICK

📆 Date: 6th April 2024 @ 2pm PST
🔴 Channel: 
🎙️ Casters: @ErikSig17 @Mikeville & @Killabee365


Welcome to the first ever Official Rocket League Tournament on KICK! Let's bring the community together and show everyone your skills! Sign ups are now open down below and will close April 4th!

A couple of giveaways will be done for the viewers watching as well!

Streaming Rules:

  • Where to Stream: You must stream your gameplay exclusively on your Kick channel.
  • Stream Title: Make sure to include "Big Esky Cup" at the beginning of your stream title.


  • Join the Event Discord: It's important! Go to the Discord server here and share your Kick stream link in the "#big-esky-cup" channel.

Playing Fair:

  • Cheating is not allowed. If you cheat, you will be banned from the event.

Team Setup:

  • Random Duos: You'll be paired with a random teammate before the game starts.
  • Organizing Matches: You are responsible for setting up your matches so the casters can feature your streams.

Competition Format:

  • Elimination: The event is single elimination until the final round.
  • Final Round: The final will be a Best of 3 series.

Before the Event:

  • Check-In: Make sure to check in 30 minutes before the event starts.


  • Winner: $250
  • Second Place: $50


Think you have what it takes? Sign up to participate here.

📆 Date: 6th April 2024 @ 2pm PST
🔴 Channel: