Kick Community Events

Here at Kick we believe that everybody is the ⭐ STAR ⭐ of the show, and with that in mind we want to help you put together some events for the community to take part in!

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What would I need to do?

We would like you to submit event ideas which you will host / shout cast / present live on Kick.

Is there a prize?

Absolutely! If your event is selected, we will not only reward the creator of the event, but we will sponsor the prizes for winning participants!

How much?

Once your event is approved, we will reach out to you via Discord and discuss further details.

Will I get a promotion on Kick for my Event?

Our aim is to promote not only the events, but community members who are taking part in your event.

What type of Events?

Events can be anything from decorating a cake, to running a full CS:GO tournament - we'd love to hear from you!

Can I run more than 1 event?


How do I submit an event idea?

Please use the following form to submit your event idea. If your event is chosen, we will reach out to you via Discord to discuss the finer details.