OhGood presents a KICK Exclusive $500 APEX Legends Tournament

$500 Prize pool for an Apex Legends Tournament on Kick!

OhGood presents a KICK Exclusive $500 APEX Legends Tournament

📆 May 19th - 4pm EST
đź”´ kick.com/ohgood

Celebrating Hardworking Streamers

This event is dedicated to highlighting the hardworking streamers who tirelessly entertain and engage communities, often without the recognition they deserve.

Tournament Format

The tournament features a diverse line-up of 6 games, each with unique "game modes." Participants will score points based on their placement and number of eliminations.

Who Can Join?

A total of 60 streamers will have the chance to compete in this inaugural tournament. It's an excellent platform for streamers to showcase their skills and personality. Open to all streamers—whether you're an Apex veteran or not—this event is about celebrating the streaming community, not just the game.

Game Modes

  • ALGS Style Scoring: Two games will follow the ALGS scoring format, focusing on both placement and eliminations.
  • Fun Twists: Two games will introduce entertaining variations, such as hide and seek and melee-only challenges.
  • Eliminations Only: The final two games will emphasize eliminations, with no points awarded for placement.

Prizes and Scoring

Five out of the six games will be scored, and the top 5 teams will receive cash prizes, rewarding the best performers in a thrilling competition.

  • 1st: $250
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd: $75
  • 4th: $50
  • 5th: $25

How to Register

Entry is open to all streamers. This tournament is a celebration of the streaming community, offering a stage for both seasoned and budding streamers to shine.

📆 Registrations close: May 14th 23:59 EST

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