Kick Creator Incentive Program

Kick Creator Incentive Program
“The greatest days of live streaming are still to come.
The greatest live content is still to be produced.
The greatest streamers are still yet to do their first stream.”
- Eddie

What is the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

The Kick Creator Incentive Program is designed to compensate streamers with revenue per individual stream.

We have just completed the prototyping process with 35 streamers. These individuals spanned a broad spectrum, with average concurrent viewership (CCV) ranging from 10 to 1,500. This diverse group included real-life streamers, high-intensity gamers, musicians and artists.

Kick is allowing Streamers to speak for Streamers and develop the kind of program that works for serious streamers and not out-of-touch-Corporations.

Eddie envisions a platform where hardworking streamers have the opportunity to capitalize on their creative endeavors. With an industry first revenue program combined with Kick's generous 95/5 subscription revenue split, streamers equipped with entrepreneurial spirit stand poised for a promising financial journey ahead.

What are the benefits of the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

Farming other platforms can be exhausting, especially when you spend considerable time attracting viewers to your channel, only to then part with half of your earnings.

Kick introduces a refreshing change. Here, not only do you retain a whopping 95% of your subscription revenue, but you're also compensated for the dedication and effort you invest in curating, producing, and expanding your content. Simply put, Kick values and rewards both your creative prowess and your entrepreneurial spirit.

The more you build your community the bigger the revenue. You don’t even need a manager to apply.

You don’t need an agent
You are in control

By joining the Kick Creator Incentive Program, you're positioning yourself at the forefront of an initiative where the revenue generated is merely the beginning.

As Kick evolves, creators may find themselves at the heart of a growing ecosystem, with opportunities and benefits that extend beyond what's currently on offer. Being at the ground level now can pave the way for even greater rewards in the future.

How do I join the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

The program has been shaped by individuals who are just like you - fellow streamers. Having workshopped with the 3 phases of streamers we've concluded that these are the metrics that best suit the program.

What we're looking for:

  • You must abide by Kick’s TOS, Community Guidelines and DMCA Policy.
  • Your channel must be verified ✅ on Kick before applying to KCIP.
  • Kick channel profile setup with relevant links to your social media and a filled in “About” section.
Average CCV (30 Days)100
Stream Hours (30 Days)50
Unique days streamed (30 Days)15
Direct Subscriptions (30 Days)25
Unique Chatters (30 Days)500
VODs (30 Days)3

While these metrics are subject to modification, they offer a guide for streamers, while the qualifications are honed further. In the near future, the application process will be integrated directly into the Kick Creator Dashboard, empowering every streamer to track their performance metrics in real time.

If you meet all of these metrics, send us an email at from your Kick account registered email. Please be sure to also include your Kick username and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Meeting these requirements is the bare minimum to apply, however does not guarantee application approval. If you are unsuccessful, the team will respond with further feedback on what needs to be improved to be eligible for this program.

How can I get ahead of the curve?

Position yourself by joining today. By taking this step now, you're not just securing an early advantage; you're also ensuring a seamless transition into the Kick Creator Incentive Program.

Every moment you invest rewards you for cultivating and building your community on the Kick platform.