Kick Bounties

Kick Bounties

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Welcome to Kick Bounties. This initiative is designed to engage both streamers and viewers in fun and challenging ways

Complete these bounties to earn rewards. Be the first to post a valid Kick clip in response to the linked X (Twitter) post to claim the reward.

Bounties will vary in difficulty and category, ensuring there's something for everyone. Rewards are proportional to the challenge. Unclaimed bounty rewards will increase over time.

Successful bounty hunters will earn rewards and have their names displayed in the Kick Bounties hall of fame. Become a part of Kick history. Showcase your skills. Be celebrated within the Kick community.

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To be alerted when new Bounties become available, be sure to follow KickCommunity on X (Twitter)!
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Global Rules:

  • Clip must be submitted by reply to the linked KickCommunity X (Twitter) post.
  • First clip by reply timestamp will claim the bounty reward (unless specified otherwise).
  • A public, accessible VOD is required in addition to clip submission.
  • In the case of an in-game bounty, gameplay must be your own.
  • No mods, glitches or exploits (unless specified otherwise).
  • Any attempt at foul play will result in disqualification - apply common sense.
  • You may choose to accept an equivalent value Kick Shop Gift Card reward, instead of gifted subs, if you are not affiliate status.