Site Updates - 11/12/2023

Bug Fixes for Mobile and Web Versions of Kick. PiP for Vods/Clips, Doxing Protection.

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  • Banned users can no longer receive gifted subscriptions
  • Updated max length of pinned messages to 24 hours
  • Fixed the issue where users could not find sub-only emotes in their emotes panel from other channels
  • Added protection around doxing in chat for phones and addresses
  • Fixed anonymous gifting showing actual username on leaderboard
  • Fixed bug on host modal showing the incorrect channel name who was doing the host
  • Updated assets in the Kick Brand footer link
  • Added a delete button on the VODs list within the studio tab
  • Updated subscriptions page to show mobile subs and gifted subscriptions


  • Fixed VOD/Clip playback
  • Added a new row for Art and Music
  • Added PIP to VODs/Clips on mobile app
  • Added casting to VODs/Clips on mobile app
  • Mods can no longer delete staff messages on mobile apps