How to Become a Kick Affiliate & How Kick Streaming Works

Learn the requirements of becoming a Kick affiliate and join the streaming affiliate program! View your achievements, enable subscriptions and more.

How to Become a Kick Affiliate & How Kick Streaming Works

When you take your first steps into the world of live streaming, you want to know that you’ll be able to support your work financially. With, content creators are valued and it’s important that those making the entertainment are able to monetize it. That’s where the affiliate program comes in, allowing streamers to receive a fair cut of the subscription revenue that they generate through their high-quality content.

What is a Kick Affiliate?

An affiliate on Kick is essentially a partner of the platform. This affiliate status allows them to monetize their content through paid subscriptions, giving them greater control over their journey as a streamer. With the content creator receiving 95% of the money they make as an affiliate, this gives them the ability to build their channel organically and put their time and hard-earned money to good use.

What Happens When You Are a Kick Affiliate?

Being a creator on the platform means you’re a valued member of the community that Kick is building. This is why affiliate status is such an important part of the experience of streaming. When you become an affiliate, you are able to accept paid subscriptions, giving you a much greater view of your income and progress as a live streamer. These paid subscriptions are a great indicator of where you are in your journey as a video creator and show you just how much your audience values what you have to offer. This will help you build a stronger audience connection than you previously had.

Requirements to Becoming a Kick Affiliate

While it’s important to Kick that its streamers are able to become affiliated and earn revenue through their monthly and gifted subscriptions, there are some minimum requirements that must be fulfilled before you reach this status. First, you need to have reached the minimum hours of streaming. You should have been live for at least a total of five hours. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as this is cumulative and you can build up the hours by streaming a short time every few days. On top of that, you need to have built a little bit of a community for yourself and your Kick channel. Your follower count should be at least 75. Once these affiliate requirements are filled, you will be eligible to enable subscriptions.

How to Enable Subscriptions

In order to start making money from paid subscriptions, you will just need to enable them. Once you have achieved the requirements, your broadcast days are up and you have the follower count to start you on your journey, you will have to navigate to your creator dashboard. In there, a new button will have become active that says “Enable Subscriptions”. You just need to click this and set yourself up as a Kick affiliate.

How to Check Your Affiliate Status & Achievements

Getting started with a channel on a popular platform can be daunting. You’re looking at the requirements to become an affiliate and you’re starting from nothing. No matter your stream quality, you might not feel like you’re getting the right viewers per stream to be able to convert into followers and, ultimately, become a Kick affiliate. Instead of worrying, though, it’s a good idea to keep your numbers in mind and set yourself goals to achieve. You can keep an eye on where you are in your journey to become an affiliate by signing in to your account and navigating to the Achievements section of the dashboard. You will be able to see just how much work you have to do to finally become an affiliate. And it doesn’t end with just becoming an affiliate - you should always be aware of your status and make sure that you keep building your audience in order to work towards verification.

Benefits of Being a Kick Affiliate

Obviously, the main benefit of being an affiliate with Kick is the ability to enable paid subscriptions. Creating engaging content and maintaining a channel with a strong average viewership is difficult. It’s important that you get the fruits of your labor and these subscriptions help you do exactly that by encouraging regular viewers to contribute to the channel and form a strong bond with you as a creator. It goes deeper than that, though. You can offer live incentives for sub gifters, to encourage a much more engaged audience who will be more likely to introduce others into the fold. On top of this, being a partner allows you to work much more closely with the platform. Take partners like Adin Ross as an example. As a streamer with a huge, engaged audience, Adin has become a big part of the Kick community as a whole. Because of that, both the platform and the streamer can work together to build promotional content.

More Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Channel

Becoming an affiliate is going to be one of your first thoughts when you start building your channel. It’s important that your focus is on the channel and the content you create, though, and not just achieving the minimum requirements to become an affiliate. Instead, you should always be looking for ways to build what you have and grow your streaming stats, such as concurrent viewers, subscribers, and followers.

Build a Brand

The important thing about streaming is that you are the face of an entire channel. As such, you need to make yourself marketable. Find your streaming niche and build your personality in your content and use this as your selling point. has a wide range of streaming categories, from just chatting, to casino and sports betting, and a whole lot more. Use your social media platforms to interact with your fans and potential viewers. See what streamers are doing through the Kick streamer showcase on the community site.

Invest in Quality Streaming Gear

Having a solid streaming setup is essential to building and and engaging your audience. You don't have to invest in the most expensive streaming equipment, but having the basics will help get you started and eventually boost your channel. Learn more by checking out the best streaming gear for your setup based on different budgets and experience.

Think of Your Audience

Your streaming schedule should reflect your audience. Keep to a regular stream frequency so that your viewers know when to find you. Think of what extra content you can offer to them, too. Use your on-channel VODs to give something a little more for those loyal fans who can‘t always join your streams live. Also, connect with them where you can. Attend events both in-person or offline and connect with your viewers.

Make the Most of Resources & Assistance

You don’t have to do this on your own. You can use help from a wide range of different sources. Make the most of the Kick Community and the guides, information, and news provided there. Reach out to fellow streamers and ask their advice. The community is there for a reason.

Side Kicks

Here at Kick Community, you can utilize our new volunteer program Side Kicks, which allows you to connect with people looking to help out with streamers and the platform at large. This will give you the expertise that you need to keep the progress that you have built up. With all of this, you will be able to build your audience, develop your content, and become a Kick affiliate as you achieve success on the platform.