Yuppy - User Story

It all started on November 28th, since then I've created a solid community that is amazing, and I try my best to entertain - here is my story.

Yuppy - User Story

đź”´ Channel: https://kick.com/yuppy

Where it all began

I started playing games from a very young age. Playing on the computer and Wii to the DS and Gameboy Advance, I enjoyed them all. I would play with an old keyboard and a trackball mouse on the carpet playing Wizard 101. Also playing old Gateway games and then went to the XBOX 360 to then PC.

I got my hands on my own PC when I was maybe 12-13 and just messed around with everything I could. Learning was a lot of fun on it and then I found out about live streaming. I then wanted to learn about how I could do it and so I downloaded OBS and started my journey. However, there was only one problem... I could not find a place to call Home.

Check out Kick.com btw

So, I Streamed on many different platforms trying to find what I could call home for many years. Then on November 28th, 2022, I got a message at 3:14PM from a friend on Discord by the name of Oli. He sent a DM saying, "check out kick.com btw" and I did while I was streaming on another platform. I checkout out the platform that had maybe 15 streamers at the time, and I created my account and found out how to go live.

I started a multi-stream so that I could try both platforms at the same time. I decided to dedicate most of that very first stream to learning about Kick. There was, at the time, no information regarding the platform, no official Discord or Twitter, there wasn't even a contact button on the site. The site was a complete mystery, so I streamed myself looking to discover the secrets.

Within a few minutes of going live it said I had around 15 viewers and I found that interesting however I ignored it and kept on my journey of learning about the platform. On occasion a few people would actually type in chat which was fun and before I knew it, I was on the front page at the time. I was streaming late so at this time into the stream I remember counting there being 3-4 other people actually streaming and that was it.

Learning about the Platform

The next day I would wake up at 5:30am and start the stream at 6am, and then stream for 15-18 hours. I dedicated many of my first few streams to learning all information about the platform and spreading that information to anyone who tuned into the stream.

Yuppy discussing and explaining KICK Updates
Yuppy discussing and explaining KICK Updates

I believed that due to the lack of information about the platform that it was important to spread any knowledge. I became a source of news for many people early in Kick history and I loved every minute of it.

By the end of day 2 I amassed a following of around 75, almost anyone coming to the platform knew my stream. We would dedicate entire streams of 18 hours to researching information about the platform. We also speculated on whether this was the platform that TrainwrecksTV was going to join. My community became hunters finding and gathering all information related to Kick and we discovered a lot.

The Grind

Over the next few days more information started to come out, people I had seen in my stream a few times were revealed as staff. Official socials were being made including the Discord server that is now used by everyone was created while Just Chatting in my stream with Co-Founder Eddie in the chat.

Updates started to come out almost every single day. At this time there were no official patch notes, so I would find everything that changed and make my own so that the community could spread that info.

After the first day I got introduced to Kick from my friend on Discord randomly, I went live for 2 weeks straight every single day including the weekend doing 15-18 hours of Just Chatting/News the whole time.

I would continue grinding the stream and being a reliable source of information.

The First Ever Kick Subscription

Then on January 27th, 2023, one of the biggest moments in Kick history would go down. The introduction of subscriptions would come out and fortunately enough I was able to test the first ever subscription on Kick. I am very honored that I could be a part of Kick history in any way.

Yuppy Live Stream on Kick.com

I continued to stream regularly on Kick over and over again trying new and fun experiences and helping to grow a few categories early on. I created a solid community that is amazing, and I try my best to entertain. On June 9th I would start my gameshow called "Kick or Kan" which would be one of the very first and was a lot of fun as it was something that was still really new to Kick at the time.

Kick Creator Incentive Program

I eventually had to take a break from streaming for around a month but during that time I was fortunate enough to get contacted by Kick to join the First Class of the Creator Incentive Program, making it yet again another honor to be a part of Kick history again.

To this day I try to remain consistent and push my content out by using memorable graphics of my character. This journey on Kick has been filled with ups and downs, however I am very glad I was able to be a part of this journey and am excited to see where Kick goes. From going from no community at all - to grinding my time out for over 9 Months I am happy with where I am at.

Kick is Different

Kick is a platform that is not afraid of trying something different. This is something that makes it stand out from all the other competition in this space.

They will be the target and the test dummy for what streaming will become in the future. Streaming is nowhere near even being considered "large" it is only in its early stages. Allowing small streamers to receive a high 95/5 revenue split to being extremely communicative with the community.

Kick delivers everything you might want in a platform and continues to build over time. I didn't have anything to lose from joining Kick and everything to gain. Even if it might be a risk it doesn't hurt to try something new, as new things can lead to places, we never knew we could go.

It's all about having Fun!

My recommendation for anyone thinking about trying Kick or even people who are trying to grow, is just keep having fun. Streaming is all about having fun, if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, then why are you doing it?

My Top Tips for Streaming on Kick

  • Enjoy yourself and let anyone who wants experience that joy, enjoy it with you. Make content on other platforms as well as not all growth will be from streaming.
  • Staying on an upload and live streaming schedule is something that will benefit you in the long run.
  • Always plan out ideas and try to find ways to make you stand out above the rest.
  • Keep talking throughout the entire stream because you never know who tunes in as well as when they tune in.
  • Always act as if there are 10 thousand people watching.

To anyone that read this, I hope you have a great day and thank you for your time and keep grinding, you got this!

đź”´ Channel: https://kick.com/yuppy