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YourBudde - User Story


Why did you start Streaming?

I started streaming almost 8 years ago. While I've always loved gaming, the feeling of enjoyment I experienced while watching my favorite streamers is what drew me to try it myself.

The most fulfilling part of streaming to me, is knowing that there are people watching who will leave in a better headspace than before. As an entertainer, I enjoy giving both myself and the audience an escape from reality, immersing them into a world of Vikings.

There have been many ups and downs in my 8 years of streaming. The one thing that always motivates me to hit the live button is the community interaction. Building a Kingdom of people who form friendships, share ideas and memories, and create a sense of family.

What made you stream on Kick?

While many creators started and flourished during COVID-19, I took a step back due to many things that changed personally during this time. I tried to get back into the swing of things in 2022 but to no avail. I had lost my faith in the platform, lost my faith in my content, and was just about to chalk up streaming as a "I just don't have what it takes".

During this time, I started hearing about this new platform, "Kick". Having streamed during the Mixer days, I was skeptical, to say the least, but decided to see what it was all about.

YourBudde starting his stream on Kick

I joined Kick in March of 2023. I spent the first couple of weeks being exposed to creators I would have never come across on other platforms. These creators, while averaging a fraction of the viewership of what is glorified on a purple platform, provided just as enjoyable if not 'more' enjoyable content. It was a refreshing and encouraging thing to witness. After wargaming and constructing a plan of action, I decided to give streaming one last chance.

The Kingdom came to life in April of 2023 on Kick. In just 5 months time, I had surpassed what had taken me 7 years to build elsewhere. The fire was once again ignited, and the passion to entertain was brought back to life. I can praise Kick for a variety of things. Looking out for the smaller streamers, giving streamers a different platform, listening to the community, and implementing groundbreaking new ideas.

However, the one thing that sold me on this platform was a simple gesture. The first time I had a Kick Staff come into my chat.... A simple, "Hey I love what you are doing, keep up the great work!".

That was the moment I knew Kick was the place for my Kingdom.

What kind of Content do you Create?

I have been asked by many people, "What kind of content do you create?". As the Viking King, I find it best to answer this question with the response, "Viking Content".

YourBudde live streaming on Kick

Viking by blood, gamer by heart, storyteller by mind, and personal trainer by trade. I love competition and scratch that itch by playing games. Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends to name a few.

I am also a huge fan of fantasy and history. I am writing a choose-your-own-adventure book called "The Tale of a King". Every Tuesday, I read a chapter from the book on stream and let chat vote on the options presented within the book. There are also whispers within the Kingdom that a DnD campaign might be coming to the channel in the near future?!

Finally, my true passion is making a difference in people's lives. I am a certified personal trainer of 5 years. I decided to bring my love for coaching and entertaining together and created "Train Like a Viking''. Monday-Friday I stream a workout program tailored to the average person. An at-home workout with minimal equipment, and simple movements.

What are your top tips for live streaming?

You are in an industry with tens of thousands of people doing the same thing as you. What are you doing that sets you apart from them? Why should I click on your stream instead of one of the other thousand in the same category? The main sentiment being expressed in these tips is very simple, "Be unique, be different, stay true to yourself"

YourBudde streaming Call of Duty on Kick

Take a week off of streaming. Watch other streamers, both good and bad, and compare their content to yours. Take notes and learn from what you are seeing. Create a 30-day plan and put it into action. "Be unique, be different, stay true to yourself!"

Expand your horizon both on and off Kick. So many streamers get caught in the mess of being an "Insert game here" streamer. Play and create what you enjoy, not what is popular. Not everyone is interested in the same thing and some will never even venture into certain categories. "Be unique, be different, stay true to yourself!"

The biggest advice I can give to anyone who streams... Think back to what gaming was like before streaming. Think back to how much fun things were when no one was watching. TURN OFF/HIDE YOUR VIEWER COUNT!

If you really have what it takes to be a streamer/content creator, your content should remain the same whether there is a 0 showing or 1000 showing. "Be unique, be different, stay true to yourself"

A solid structure takes time to build. It starts with laying the groundwork for an unbreakable foundation. Take your time, do things the right way, and don't cut corners. You will never succeed if you don't show up and put in the work. If you believe the work you are doing is truly great work, your time will come.

"Be unique, be different, stay true to yourself"

Streaming Schedule

Train Like a Viking Workouts: Monday-Friday at 1 PM CST Gaming/Chatting Monday-Saturday 7 PM CST