YaBoiWiggles - User Story

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YaBoiWiggles - User Story

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Who is your go-to streamer on Kick?


What is your favorite kind of content?

Gaming, Chatting, & VTubers.

What are your favorite features on Kick?

The quick emote feature is awesome, it lets me quickly spam an emote during a moment!

Regarding viewer etiquette & community, what are your top tips for other viewers?

Just be nice. No-one wants to see you say weird things in chat, because I'll tell you how much of a weirdo you're being. So will chat. It's embarrassing.

What made you move to Kick?

I was an avid watcher of AuroraPhoenyx on Twitch, and during her subathon she made the move to Kick – best decision of the night! Had Kick staff in chat being very helpful and lots of love all around!

What are your interests & passions outside of watching streams?

I'm the main editor for VDoki (VTuber group), so that. Playing video games on my scuffed setup, and being nice. I'm reformed.

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