xStocks User Story

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xStocks User Story

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Beginning of My Journey

My story all started making YouTube Thumbnails for my brother back in the day when he was 3rd in the world for Modern Warfare 3. At the time, Graphic Design was a hobby to try to get my brother going on YouTube. That eventually led to me working to purchase my first laptop so I could start streaming.

The Rise in Streaming

I started doing Black Ops 2 Trickshotting streams on Youtube which led me to my first 10,000 supporters. I eventually made the switch over to Fortnite when it started and ended up being able to stream my way through college with around 55,000 Subscribers.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

I battle several autoimmune conditions one of which took me out of the game for a year or so but have now learned to live with them and recovered enough to continue my passion for streaming. Knowing I had left my YouTube community for so long I knew it was time to start from scratch and do something new.

Embracing Kick

Kick was the platform I wanted to do it on with all the support and effort I have seen from the Staff. I graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Media and was always a freelancer through college outside of my gaming.

My goal has always been to combine the two: streaming and design.

Current Endeavors and Future Plans

As of right now for my Kick Streams, I stream myself doing client work, tutorials, portfolio reviews, and free art giveaways to creators. I have worked my way up through the community and plan to be here to help do the same thing for the Kick community.

I want to be an asset to streamers while also being a streamer that everyone knows to reach out to, who has knowledge and background in design so they can make any project come to life on their stream.

My Advice for Kick Streamers

Kick has allowed me to prove to people that I do not need the typical 9-5 as an artist and I will work as hard as I can to keep it that way. If I could make any recommendation to a new Kick Streamer it would be to talk to everyone in your chat and ask questions! Build that personal connection with each and every person.

At the end of the day, that is one more person who clicked on your stream and chose to chat with you – make it count.

Thank you Kick for all you have done for the community.

đź”´ https://kick.com/xstocks