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User Story - Eniko


Who is your go-to streamer on Kick?

LONEWOLFanCUB I watch the most. I've been around his community for three years going on four.

What is your favorite kind of content?

I like niche content; Japanese-based games, RPGs, open-world RPGs and paranormal horror.

What are your favorite features on Kick?

That the staff is very active both to answer potential problems be it UI, trolls, etc. and also provide opportunities like being featured on the front page, Kick Picks, and give even the smaller streamers a chance at exposure to let the platform know what they are about. You don't find that anywhere else.

Regarding viewer etiquette & community, what are your top tips for other viewers?

Abide by the golden rule of treat others how you want to be treated. This goes for being a viewer to the streamer, the community members and supporters in the chat, and the moderators. Be mindful of what you say and how you conduct yourself in people's chats; all streamers are unique in how they run their content and communities. Many communities on Kick are friendly and approachable, talk a little and introduce yourself or engage in conversation. That's what the streamers are there for. :)

What made you move to Kick?

I left Twitch after being a streamer there for three years. I saw Kick as a new opportunity to meet and greet new friends and creators. A lot of the other platforms felt like the same old, and it felt good to see more of a variety of content again with new faces. Many of my friends moved over from other platforms to Kick.

I'm also a moderator in several channels. I don't stream anymore due to work, family duties by having a new child, and health reasons. But I'm happy to moderate and support my friends, cheer for their success in their stream, and aid behind the scenes to keep the lights on.

What are your interests & passions outside of watching streams?

My biggest passion is my tutoring job; I teach for the most part English to kids that struggle and English as a second language to immigrants which means I have to keep on top of research a lot as methods and learning styles are ever-changing. I'm also a married mother of two children so most of my time is dedicated to them, watching them grow and giving them the best life possible.

Outside that I'm a big nature lover, I love to hike and forage. I use a lot of herbal medicine in my household – some from what I forage from nature. If you have an ail, I likely have a fix for it. I also practice zen meditation usually in nature. My son and I usually will garden in the summer too.

I'm a console gamer, I like to play things on high difficulty. The Yakuza series is my thing; some of my friends even call me the "Yakuza master" because I'll do runs on the highest difficulty. I also play hero shooters and pretty much anything.

I volunteer every now and then with the schools and do pro bono reading or writing help to children that need it as a lot of kids are on devices too much nowadays or have learning setbacks and difficulties. I'm also active with mental health charities as I have battled with it myself. I'm very passionate about creating a positive space in your head regardless young or old.