ToriProductions - User Story

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ToriProductions - User Story


Why did you start Streaming?

Originally started streaming due to leading rated battlegrounds in WoW and wound up using the stream as an outlet to speak on mental health awareness and a means of being able to converse with others concerning PTSD, depression, and social anxiety when no one else would care to listen.

Eventually grew into an online family that supports each other and has no fear of discussing life's everyday issues and relying on each other for support through difficult times while gaming in various genres.

What made you stream on Kick?

Twitch would not ban troll accounts that promoted veteran suicide and insisted on going from a 70/30 split to a 50/50 due to ad revenue being heavily pushed.

Fitness Streams by ToriProductions on Kick

However, I was informed that folks were still being forced to watch ads even when the streamer had little to no ads directed to be rolling, which forced them to buy Twitch Turbo.

I was not comfortable with dealing with the continued harassment and forcing my viewers who wanted to support me to continue having their finances halved by Twitch.

What kind of Content do you Create?

ToriProductions streming Farlight 84 on Kick

I am known mostly for Farlight84, World of Warcraft, Just Chatting, and Fitness and Health streams.

What are your top tips for live streaming?

My top tips for live streaming is to be yourself.

  • Authenticity and honesty will always be recognized and appreciated by individuals who are searching for content creators and influencers to support.
  • The person you see on camera in my stream is the same individual you meet in real life. It also helps to ensure that you recognize that your name and your brand are the same.
  • How you represent yourself will determine the sponsorships, affiliations, and networking connections you make as you progress in your career as a livestreamer, and you will be held accountable accordingly.
  • Ensure that the steps you take to see your vision come to pass do not tarnish the reputation that you have strived to achieve.

Streaming Schedule

I stream every day from 9am-12pm EST and 4pm-12am EST.

Tuesday nights I stream for Regiment on their Kick channel from 6-8pm EST.