ThonggDeLonge - User Story

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ThonggDeLonge - User Story


Why did you start streaming?

I started streaming in early 2021 as a way to practice songs for a show. I had no aspirations of being a streamer, I was just bored and wanted to make sure I was ready for my gig, and now here we are.

What made you stream on KICK?

Live music being performed by ThonggDeLonge on Kick (Top View)

Seemed like a fun show! Not a lot of music on KICK so I wanted to help get it started for more musicians to stream here and get discovered!

What type of Content do you produce?

ThonggDeLonge perfomring live music on

I make music and create a live interactive show playing hits and new songs that people can add to their daily jams

Streaming Schedule

Every day at 5pm CST