Site Updates - 23/08/2023

Mobile Apps Bug Fixes and UI Updates

Site Updates - 23/08/2023

Android & iOS

  • Fixed issue with @mention in chat where it would delete the text before the @mention when sending
  • Updated chat badges
  • Fixed crashing issue on android which occurred after users attempted to send chat messages when not logged in
  • Fixed crashing issue when clicking "cancel" on mature 18+ modal
  • Fixed issue with infinite loader on TOS sign up
  • Fixed issues with translation keys
  • Fixed UI bug with reporting user selection
  • Added upload time for clips
  • Added verification badge to offline screen
  • Updated UI on channel banner buttons and added ability to share channel links
  • Fixed issue where some users were stuck on the splash screen and couldn't load the app (make sure to have most recent update from app stores)


  • Fixed issue with notification settings not staying in off position if switched off