Site Updates - 22/08/2023

Mobile Apps Rebuilt for Kick 2.0

Site Updates - 22/08/2023

Android & iOS

Android & iOS application 2.0 is a completely rebuilt application based upon best practices and the latest technologies.

  • Airplay
  • Chat Moderation
  • All New Homepage Curation
  • Full Screen VOD with Chat Replay
  • Redesigned Search Functionality
  • Ability To Block, Report And Filter Channels

Bug Fixes

  • iPad orientation issues and magic keyboard issues
  • crashes occurring on Android when trying to send a message when not logged in
  • Updated UI of notification bell to show green when active
  • Fixed issue with chat input continuing to show "send message" when adding space in front
  • Fixed issue where if chat has no emotes set, you are unable to use other sub emotes on that channel
  • Fixed layering issue with android search
  • Updated default sorting of clips on the browse page to last 7 days from all-time
  • Fixed issue with banning and timing out users from the user menu in chat
  • Added ability to delete messages in chat (for mods, admin)
  • Fixed "reply to" modal from staying open after clicking
  • Added blocked channels page on profile tab to manage restricted channels
  • Fixed issue with horizontal scroll on emotes tabs (scrolling through sub only emote channels)
  • Fixed issue on iOS with gifted sub buttons 1 and 100 not being active