Site Updates - 21/11/2023

Mobile user experience updates, graphical improvements and 18+ content restrictions for underage users.

header image showing kick Site Updates - 20/11/2023

Mobile Apps (Requires Update)

  • Mods can pin messages by clicking on a username
  • Users can swipe pinned messages to hide them
  • Users can hide the quick emotes above the chat input via the chat settings


  • Edit stream info modal on the creator dashboard can now pop out
  • Clicking on a username on the leaderboard will open the user info modal
  • Mod quick actions will now show on replied messages
  • Fixed UI bug on browse/livestream page which caused the page to shift down automatically
  • Sub badges will automatically add to chat identity (if you do not have 3 badges already set)
  • Updated content restrictions for users under 18