Site Updates - 20/11/2023

Fixed subscription badge issues, corrected revenue chart desync, resolved auto-renewal problems, improved subscription perk display, adjusted sub leaderboards, expanded Founders badges, removed quick emote names above chat, and added clarification for prepaid card use.

header image showing kick Site Updates - 20/11/2023

Mobile Web

  • Various Homepage UI polish


  • Fixed bug where if you were subscribed for more months than sub badges available, it would go back to the default subscription badge
  • Fixed desync on Revenue Page Charts where subs/gifts were displayed the wrong dates
  • Fixed auto-renewal issues with subscriptions from iOS, Android and Stripe
  • Fixed issues where some users purchased subscriptions but were not showing subscription perks on the web
  • Resynced sub leaderboard and gifted sub badge counts
  • Increased Founders badges to the first 100 subs (applied retrospectively)
  • Removed the names of the quick emotes above the chat input
  • Added some clarification when adding new cards for how to use prepaid cards