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Sinn_x - User Story


Why did you start Streaming?

My brother always wanted to stream. He was diagnosed with Heart Failure a while back. In February '23 we were told his heart was working at 20%. I decided to pursue his dream for him.  With the money I earned in the first 6 months, I used to go see him and have him meet my children.

What made you stream on Kick?

Sinn_x streaming Lethal Company on Kick

The revenue split was enticing, but really my friends who were already here begged me to try it out. I haven't looked back since.

What kind of Content do you Create?

I host a podcast every Sunday, Sundays with Sin. We meet all kinds of people from all over, telling their stories. I also host "Wellness Check Wednesdays" every Wednesday. Here we have an anonymous form that people can submit, to ask for advice, vent, or share really good news with us.

Wellness Check Wednesday from Sinn_x on Kick

My cohost and I talk about our own struggles with mental health, and it has become a group therapy for everyone.

What are your top tips for live streaming?

  • Always hit the "start streaming" button. Even when you aren't sure, do it.
  • Stop looking at your views the entire time. Get immersed in your content.
  • If you have been live for a few hours and you are stuck at 3 viewers, take whatever you have from that stream, and start posting your content to bring in more people.

Streaming Schedule

📆 Mon / Fri 🕗 8:00PM, Wednesday 9PM, Sundays 6PM - CST.