RAN_Bryguy - User Story

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RAN_Bryguy - User Story

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Why did you start streaming?

I started streaming on 1st July 2023 and it was on Kick. I had never properly streamed before, I knew how to set a stream up, but previously I didn't have the computer specification, the internet speed, or the confidence to stream.

I constantly clip my gameplay using the likes of Shadowplay, and have a massive backlog of clips I would eventually like to put into a video, but with my mental health conditions and lack of motivation I haven't put any of my mass amounts of clips into any sort of videos... yet.

RAN_Bryguy streaming Overwatch 2 on Kick

So rather than clip them as they happen and then have gameplay get saved to my PC to hopefully see the light of day one day down the road, I thought:

Why don't I just livestream?

That way others can see when those clips happen, and if they like any of my gameplay they can clip it and it's more or less instantly available for others to see.


I am a disabled gamer and suffer from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. But also in turn suffer from a sickness that doctors don't have a very good explanation of that they've labelled "persistent vomiting" which comes as an extension of the disease "cyclical vomiting syndrome".

The simplest way I can describe my disability to anyone is that I basically have bulimia however I am not deliberately making myself vomit.

It sucks, but I'm used to it as I've had "persistent vomiting" for just over 7 years now.

Due to my disability, I am unable to get a job. However I was always brought up to try and make your hobby your job - and I thought it couldn't hurt to try and stream just in case I got lucky enough to be able to make streaming my job, and if I don't make it, I'll have fun doing it.

What made you Stream on Kick?

RAN_Bryguy photo

I decided to stream on Kick because I am a massive Everton fan, and being able to wear my favourite team's football shirt with a sleeve sponsor I can also associate with and be passionate about is really amazing.

Kick also gave me the incentive to choose them because I have heard so many great things about the website. With it being new, I thought I should try out Kick to "get my foot in the door early" because I truly believe this website will grow massively.

What type of Content do you create?

I love my FPS games, and I'm very competitive.

My main FPS game of choice is Overwatch 2, I have played the original since the open beta and even won an extra copy of the game through a competition for best play of the game.

image capture of overwatch vs match

I have even been fortunate enough to play with and against professional players throughout the years, including Kick's own xQc.

Guinea Pig Cam

RAN_Bryguy Guinea Pigs

I always have a camera focused on my guinea pigs during my live streams. I'm passionate about animals and enjoy sharing the antics of my adorable pets with viewers. Whenever there's downtime in a stream, like when I'm waiting in a game queue, just starting up the stream, or need to take a short break (BRB), my guinea pigs steal the spotlight. Each viewer who stops by often ends up having a favorite among my furry little guys.

They have become a staple of the channel and a lot of my emotes are because of them.

What are your top tips for Streaming?

Have fun with it and stream because you want to.

Don't assume you're going to make it big, or that it's going to be easy. Be happy with what you do and don't get yourself down if nobody joins your stream right away, it takes time.

But when that first viewer comes and chats with you, it's a great feeling. The viewers will come in time, they've just got to get to know you.

A bonus is that by streaming you make a bunch of friends, I have already made so many close friends that I have known for only a couple of months but it feels like I've known them for years.

Oh and don't forget to share the love and your audience around by making use of hosting!

It's a great way to meet new people from different communities and my favourite way to end my stream!

Streaming Schedule

📆 Everyday (unless specified otherwise)
đź•– 8:00pm - 1:30am GMT (Unless Everton are playing or specified otherwise)
đź”´ kick.com/ran_bryguy