RamboDoom - User Story

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RamboDoom - User Story

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I'm 41 as of now to get a little context of my age and my story. I always used to watch videos on YouTube of jump spots and how to get better at the game Call of Duty.

Growing up I was always an introvert and didn't have and still don't have a lot of friends. To get in my circle you basically have to show me you are genuine and not a lot of people that I have come across are. So I always basically played alone and in randoms online.

Then during the pandemic, I came across IcemanIssac on YouTube and went over to his Twitch channel. But it was not my first time being on Twitch since I remember JustinTV and also watched Scump and Faze players live on the platform.

Then watching Isaac I saw how the community responded to him and everything was so nice upbeat and positive. I started to talk in chat and developed some friendships. I thought to myself "I would love to meet new people to play with" and might as well stream to open up those connections.

Well, I did but stopped because to get good play I needed fiber, and living with my partner I had to go to my own property to stream and it felt like another job with time dedication, double the bills, and no real growth on Twitch - I stopped nine months later in September of 2021.

What made you move to Kick?

Then here comes Kick. I lost my job in December of 2022 and around January I wanted to start streaming again but didn't know where.

So I leaned more on Kick. But there was a problem. No money and my capture card didn't want to work I could only stream to Twitch through the console. So I did that in May of this year. But in June I was finally able to get the capture card to work since 2021 when I had it. And I started to multi-stream to both.

Kick as my main and Twitch just to get the highlights through a third-party app that only pulled from Twitch. And here I am reaching 100 followers If I started back when I opened my account I believe in Feb I no doubt would have even been verified by now.

What type of Content do you make?

RamboDoom playing Fortnite on Kick
RamboDoom playing Fortnite on Kick

Right now it's Fortnite Zero build gameplay and highlights from it. But my goal is to grow my community of people who are positive and support each other. If it gets to where I can dedicate full-time to content

I plan to do everything from funny moments, giveaways, and positive sentiment which is desperately needed and generally a good place to be and have fun for everyone.

What do you like about Kick?

So far, everything!

The people that have moved here are positive and like to help each other out. The founders and the Kick staff are also listening to the creators and I am so hoping this site gets to take Twitch's #1 spot just because they are doing everything that looks fair to the creators.

What would you recommend to other Kick users?

Branch out to other platforms and bring people over. Might take time but Kick is growing and so are the channels that are here already.

Give it time since nothing good ever comes out of nowhere and never stop trying to be better yourself and provide a better experience to your viewers.

đź”´ https://kick.com/rambodoom