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Poetenttv - User Story

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How did you start streaming?

I started streaming back in late 2011 or early 2012. I was doing the JustinTV thing but didn't really like just having my face up. So, fast forward to March-ish. I was recovering from surgery sitting there and figured out that my laptop could handle running XSplit and League of Legends. And it's been game on ever since.

In the time frame, I have moved to all the different platforms, minus Facebook gaming, trying to make a name for myself. Being a father of 4, I couldn't provide for my family and stream so I've had a lot of periods not being able to produce anything....

I used to just hit go live, too terrified to edit a YT video, and really didn't use social media correctly, yay learning!

What type of content do you make?

Poetenttv playing Final Fantasy XIV on Kick.com

I love my MMO's, ARPGS and FPS games. I'm a variety streamer who doesn't play FOTM games, but plays things that I enjoy, and hope my community will too. I do play games from their recommendations though! Always trying to try new stuff out.

What made you move to Kick?

What REALLY made me move to Kick was back in March, I quit my job working 18+ hours a day, finally able to have a schedule and I just... didn't like Twitch anymore. Heard about Kick and went over to check out some streamers, and they're literally saying "Go to this stream, or this one! Go here! There!" Everyone was REALLY supportive of each other, no matter the size, or anything like that. Was just.... refreshing to see.

What do you like about Kick?

Poetenttv live streaming Call of Duty on Kick.com

What I love about Kick is that even the "big-time" creators come to the little guys' chats. Give pointers if they're receptive and are willing to share their "secrets" to help lift each other up. Is everyone like that? No. But! One bad apple doesn't ruin a barrel.

What would you recommend to other Kick users?

My recommendation to other Kick users is to accept that you're in a saturated market. We ALL would love to get paid to play 'vidja' games. A rising tide lifts all ships. Build friendships, and network. Treat it like it's a LAN back in the old days when the block would get together for Mortal Kombat or Halo "tournaments".

Gaming is meant to be fun, meant to be a shared experience and create memories. It's not to fight or cause drama. We have enough of that in SIMs!

đź”´ https://kick.com/poetenttv