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Learn more about oldpeeps streaming story and why he chose Kick.com!

oldpeeps - User Story

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How did you start Streaming?

I started streaming in 2020 on Twitch as per the recommendation of friends on Discord. We had a large gaming group that was started a few years prior, and everyone kept telling me I was funny and needed to livestream. Being 40 at the time and coming from the "corporate world", I genuinely had no idea what that was.

So, with a little assistance from Google, I got started. The experience was amazing and I fell in love with the concept of content creation. Once I realized I could make real money via streaming, I had an "Ah-Ha!" moment. I decided to start my charity and vowed to never take a penny from the content.

What type of Content do you make?

I mostly stream FPS games, but I also play 4 different instruments as well as cook food on live streams. As far as I know, I am the only 100% full-time charity content creator on the platform. My motto is "Pay it forward" and "Always Give Back".

oldpeeps streaming on Kick.com

Every penny I make from content creation goes to building 100% free computers for Disabled Veterans, Active Duty projects, care packages, or back into the community.  I founded alwaysgiveback.org in 2021, and the paperwork to make it an official 501c3 charitable organization is being worked on.

What made you move to Kick?

After 3 years on Twitch, I noticed how much harder it was becoming to grow. Discoverability was dragging, and the general Twitch community was getting more and more lacking throughout the platform.

The final straw that forced the switch was my last 5 months on Twitch. We worked so hard and applied for Twitch Partner 5 times after meeting and exceeding by 60% all of the partner requirements. Their response was something crazy - "We would like to see more organic growth."

This was about the time that new restrictions were starting, and at this point, I knew I was done. I dove into Kick with full steam. I was nervous about moving, but I hit affiliate in 2 days, and was verified in 33 days. This locked me into Kick 100%.

What do you like about Kick?

oldpeeps streaming Escape from Tarkov on Kick.com

It's totally transparent! I love the ability to have support staff in a live chat in under 2 minutes most of the time! The support structure is amazing! The fact that they actually care about the creators shows. It's not about how big you are or what your viewer draw is, they help everyone equally!

What would you recommend to other Kick users?

To be yourself & to put the work in if you want to make it you have to grind!

đź”´ https://kick.com/oldpeeps