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MikeTheSheep - User Story

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Who is your go-to streamer on Kick?


What is your favorite kind of content?


What are your favorite features on Kick?

The fact Kick prioritises good content to be featured over viewer numbers ensuring it's promoting various types of content!

Regarding viewer etiquette & community, what are your top tips for other viewers?

My main thing is having fun engaging with chat in a positive way and just enjoying the interaction between like-minded viewers and streamers. Not one stream is the same, respecting the moderators is also a huge thing; they're a viewer like everyone else but do at times have the tough job of keeping the peace!

What made you move to Kick?

Followed my favorite streamers from other platforms!

What are your interests & passions outside of watching streams?

Love cars (usually Japanese). Also I'm part of the RNLI (lifeboats) and playing Warzone myself!

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