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LONEWOLFanCUB - User Story

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How did I start streaming?  

This is a great question and it was a culmination of events that led me to stream, one big event was my father passing away in early 2019, losing my father broke me on a lot of levels but from his passing, he left opportunities for my family and I to take hold of.

In meaning, before my father's passing I worked 70 to 80 hours a week as a District Manager while my significant other was a stay-at-home parent with our newborn child. I never had too much time at home or with my family, after his passing, he provided the opportunity for us to all be together and have time with one another and those precious moments all families seek.

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Then one year later and with many memories made, I got stir-crazy and at this point in January 2020 roles had reversed - I was a stay-at-home parent with my partner and I needed to do something in my downtime. Then it came to me on my Xbox One on January 15th 2020 I hit start stream on Mixer on the release day of Dragonball Z Kakarot and from that day forward I never looked back, wavered a bit along the way but I've never stopped.

What type of content do I make?  

Well, that's an interesting question for sure. First and foremost I always promote Mental Health Awareness, Cancer Awareness and Abuse/ Sexual Abuse Awareness being each is a part of me.

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In meaning, I struggle with and I am diagnosed with C-PTSD, ADHD, Severe Anxiety and Severe Depression. I'm also diagnosed with a rare form of cancer/disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis or LCH for short which was discovered in early 2018 in my colon. Last on that note I am an abuse and sexual assault survivor and I take it very seriously because it happens more in this world than people realize.

LONEWOLFanCUB streaming from a Vape Shop

Moving away from that my content ranges of so many varieties from Vape Shop IRL streams, a weekly Podcast stream, a weekly X spaces stream and also gaming and just chatting at least 4 days a week. So I say I think I'm a true blue Variety Streamer.  

What made me move to Kick?

This is a tough one to talk about but I'll try to keep this as professional as possible. I was at another platform where I faced bullying, harassment, threats, theft, slander and defamation and little to nothing was done and when finally something was done very little punishment was handed out to the perpetrators.

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It made me want to quit after 3 years of streaming, it made me lose hope that nothing in streaming was caring or genuine. I came to KICK at the end of my rope.


I came here on a whim being I had announced on the other platform that I was gonna retire by the end of March of this year, I figured why not go to the new platform and see if I can just end out on a positive note, nowhere in my right mind did I think it would turn into what it has but I'm so thankful for me and my daughter the blessings we have received since coming here!

What do you like about KICK?

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What don't I like about KICK lol? Meaning where else do you find a platform where the staff actually cares about the streamers and also they come and hang out with everyone large and small?

Where will you find a platform where the owners and investors come gift and interact with streamers small and large?

Where do you find a platform that's heart and soul is all about the love and passion for streaming?

Need I say more!!!

KICK has the 'best communities', viewers and streamers than any other platform in the industry and it's just getting started, everyone else better be on watch cause KICK is here to stay so take notice. If you want the opportunity to be part of something more in streaming and something that is gonna revolutionize the industry then KICK is the place to be and I'm here to stay I'M NEVER LEAVING because KICK CARES ABOUT US!

What do I recommend to other KICK users?

I recommend to all users to first network and really get to see what's out there on this platform, there's so much diversity and it's only getting bigger and bigger each day.

Next, dive into the culture and the community of KICK from their Discord to their X, first class and second class, and really get to learn what KICK and its creators are all about and what they stand for.

Last, of course, go discover new streamers and creators every day and truly enjoy what KICK is.

This is a special place if you let it be all you have to do is make a leap of faith and trust in the platform and its creators, the moves on you and may your journey be filled with laughs, love, community, tomfoolery and positivity! Now get KICKN!

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