ItssPeedro - User Story

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ItssPeedro - User Story


Who is your go-to streamer on Kick?

I wouldn't call her my favorite, but rather the person I admire most on the platform. Since I met mirivmgxmez everything that started happening to me was amazing. The way I was introduced to Miriam was beautiful and I am very grateful to Kick for recommending me her channel that day when she only had 1 viewer. Since that day, I have not missed a day and have been moderating her channel. I appreciate her kindness and sincerity above all because that is what has kept me watching. She always tells us viewers about her day to day life and it's incredible, I recommend listening to her one day – it's amazing.

What is your favorite kind of content?

My favorite content is Just Chatting, I think it's the best way to interact with the community and create a special bond with them. Every streamer has to keep in mind that to grow you simply need to be yourself.

What are your favorite features on Kick?

I love being able to meet people, I love the featured streams section. The 95/5 is killer, no platform has been able to deliver on this and you guys have. Kick keeps its word. I think there are still a lot of features missing but I'm confident that Kick will do great, keep it up.

Regarding viewer etiquette & community, what are your top tips for other viewers?

  1. Look for someone who gives you a nice vibe. On Kick I have found wonderful people I wasn't able to find on other platforms.
  2. Respect the streamer and their community.
  3. This is the one the applies the most to everyone: be a good person, support your people and your streamer.

What made you move to Kick?

I moved to Kick on December 25, 2022. I registered because my favorite streamer at the time had just moved over as well after he was recommended by his moderators to create an account here. Since that day I haven't gone back and stayed here on the best platform where they care about the streamers and their communities.

What are your interests & passions outside of watching streams?

I like to play the piano, it's one of my passions outside of being a Kick viewer. From time to time, I like to play Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch :D I'm a big fan of this game.

I always try to improve on myself everyday, to not make the same mistakes I've made before.