IQD - User Story

Learn about IQD's streaming story and contributions to the Kick community!

IQD - User Story


Before venturing into streaming, here's a glimpse of my journey. I've always been passionate about technology and self-improvement. With a background in software development, I've achieved significant milestones such as reverse engineering, blockchain development, and crafting complex algorithms.

These experiences have shaped who I am today, a web developer with a knack for tackling challenging projects. Outside of work, I find joy in swimming, archery, and exploring new places through travel.

Starting Streaming

IQD964 streaming Little Nightmares on Kick

My streaming journey began when a friend told me about Kick in December 2022. I officially joined on December 14, 2022. In the beginning, there was no subscription button, and I remember that little "coming soon" button in the wallet corner (those who were there will remember this).

I was the first Arab male streamer to stream non-stop on Kick for 7 months. Initially, it was tough to find an audience who spoke my language, so I joined the Discord server to make connections and build my followers. During this time, I noticed that many other streamers needed help, so I started assisting them.

Soon, both viewers and admins noticed my contributions, and I became the first Kick helper on the server. I worked closely with users, helping them resolve issues, and they became my loyal audience, supporting my live streams. With my connections to Kick admins, I advocated for an Arabic language channel in Discord and helped translate posts for the KickArabic Twitter account.

Content Creation

IQD964 streaming GTA on Kick

My content covers a wide range, from sharing streaming strategies—tips for streamers to succeed and avoid common mistakes—to self-education and software development, including discussions about streaming tools. I also do IRL (In Real Life) streaming and share my travel experiences.

Why I Moved to Kick

I switched to Kick after streaming for 9 months on another platform. Unfortunately, that platform didn't support newcomers well, which led to low viewership and little financial support.

What I Like About Kick

Kick is great because it's welcoming to newcomers, has a global audience, supports all languages, provides round-the-clock help, listens to user feedback, and respects everyone's beliefs and religions.

Advice for Other Kick Users

To my fellow Kick users, I'd say be patient and believe in the platform. Learn from others' experiences, work closely with the platform staff, and set achievable goals for each stream.

If you don't meet your goals, use it as a chance to learn and improve. What's remarkable is that what I've achieved financially on Kick is 100 times more than what I did on the old platform, and it happened in a shorter amount of time. My goal is to become a Kick partner and the first Iraqi streamer.

I want to help other streamers succeed, just as I have, and together, we'll rise with the platform to reach new heights.