InTheMudSports - User Story

I was determined to carve out a unique niche in the streaming world, and the idea of streaming IRL Golf struck me as uncharted territory. However, this plan took an unexpected turn, and thus began the exciting journey into the world of darts.

InTheMudSports - User Story


Why I Started Streaming?

After hosting countless lockdown quizzes, I realised my passion for creating engaging content and bringing like minded people together.

I was determined to carve out a unique niche in the streaming world, and the idea of streaming IRL Golf struck me as uncharted territory.

My stint in golf didn't last long, primarily due to another lockdown that hindered regular play. Yet, with a desire to stand out and no darts streams in sight, I embarked on a new journey.

I ordered a dartboard and got to work. The channel experienced rapid growth, drawing in a community of dart enthusiasts who either already had dartboards or soon acquired them. It was from this foundation that our inaugural KO Invitational took shape, proving to be a resounding success.

In a remarkably short time, we laid the foundation for a league featuring 18 amateur players during its inaugural season.

Fast forward over two years, and the MSL (Mud Singles League) has flourished into its eighth season, now proudly boasting a global roster of 79 players. During this period, the burgeoning demand for more darts action became evident. This led me to explore the concept of an online teams league, a groundbreaking idea not attempted anywhere else. The notion of selecting captains and hosting an NFL-style Draft Night quickly emerged as a brilliant innovation in the world of darts. Our community embraced this unique concept, and as it approaches its fifth season, we now feature 8 teams, each comprising 9 players. We're breaking barriers and continually brainstorming fresh ideas to breathe life into the world of darts.

Additionally, we regularly host KO tournaments with a variety of entertaining formats. Furthermore, we've initiated something entirely new in the online darts world: the Mud Doubles league.

Darts has indisputably taken center stage, captivating our audience.

Our distinctiveness has fostered an online community growth that I've never before witnessed. We go beyond the virtual realm by organising regular meet-ups and, most notably, recently hosting our inaugural in-real-life (IRL) event. This event drew in 32 players from various corners of Europe, engaging in fierce competition over two thrilling days. Prior to this, we had a staggering 40 attendees at the PDC UK Darts Open. Allow me to introduce you to the MudGang, a community like no other.

What prompted your decision to stream on Kick?

As a regular viewer of Trainwrecks, I was an early adopter of Kick. In the initial month, I closely monitored developments, sensing a seismic shift in the industry. By March, I enthusiastically encouraged my community to migrate to Kick, and it wasn't long before Andrew discovered us. His immediate response was, 'Let's make Kick your home,' and he has gone above and beyond in making that a reality. Since then, I haven't looked back!

What kind of content do you produce?

We're breathing life into the world of darts. We proudly serve as the hub for amateur darts enthusiasts, offering them an opportunity to compete in a laid-back yet competitive setting, regardless of their global location. Now, we're also venturing back into the world of IRL golf.

What's your streaming schedule?

Our schedule undergoes weekly variations!

Generally, you can catch us live at 7 pm BST / 2 pm EST.