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Graves - User Story


Why did you start Streaming?

Ever since I could walk, I've been a gamer. I've played everything, PlayStation, N64, Game Cube, Gameboy Advance, Xbox, you name it. So naturally, gaming has become a major part of my life. Served in the military for a year and a half, but got discharged from injuries I had gotten. I was down on my luck, no idea what to do with my life, but I found streaming to be comforting, and a great way to cope with things while I got my life together.

It's been amazing being able to entertain and motivate others through my streams. I'm a very engaging person, especially when people are in my streams chatting and having a good time. I've been told I'm high energy, and I try to spread positive vibes and make sure others feel welcome. Streaming has given me a platform to be myself and welcome other like-minded people.

What made you stream on Kick?

Graves live streaming on Kick

Around May of 2023, I got recommended Kick by a mutual friend I'd gotten to know in the streaming space, and they told me if I really wanted a change, that Kick would be the best place for me to go.

I nearly had 1,000 followers on Twitch, and after seeing what Kick had to offer, with its staff, community, and potential, I decided to go with my gut, and leave Twitch.

It only took a single Kick stream to convince myself to take the risk and make the move exclusively.

What kind of Content do you Create?

Graves streaming Call of Duty Warzone on

I create Call of Duty and Warzone content mainly. I've found my own groove with the game, and it's been really fun and enjoyable for me. A lot of people meme on CoD, but I still think it's one of the most entertaining titles out there

What are your top tips for live streaming?

Be yourself, and never let anyone try to change who you are.

Invest in yourself. Whether it's graphics for your stream, equipment, or tech, whichever it is your quality stands out amongst others.

Streaming Schedule

I stream every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm EST!