Girthygorilla - User Story

Learn more about Girthygorilla on Kick, why he started streaming, and what type of content he streams.

Girthygorilla - User Story


About 10 years ago, I was in a very dark place in my life, just a truck driver spending days on end travelling across the USA mentally depressed and fatigued.

I was going to take my own life. In what I thought was my final moment, a voice screamed out of my laptop. Stop! Stop what you are doing. Look at me! Those words came from a man called Dr. DisRespect.

He took his glasses off and had another pair of glasses underneath them. In what was my darkest point in life, he made me laugh. It was like it was meant to be in that stream. He talked about never giving up and keeping on keeping. I felt like the stream was talking to me.

He saved my life that day with just some random streamers. 10 years later, I joined Kick, thinking my voice could be the voice that saved a person who just needed to laugh.

What type of content do you make?

Girthygorilla playing League of Legends on Kick
Girthygorilla playing League of Legends on Kick

Games, podcasts, watch parties, drunken karaoke If you think it will be fun or funny, I'll do it.

What made you move to Kick?

I just got a message from a real-life friend saying this is your moment. So I made an account.

What do you like about Kick?

I have made so many friends, way too many to even list. Even kick staff: my first week on kick, the co-owner himself had found my channel and was testing the kick app out.

He dropped 20 subs on me and has been subscribing to my channel for 6 months now. I never would have thought that would have ever happened, and even after that, I continued to grow and get better, and I made so many friends I could play games with.

I have a family on kick, and you will make one.

What would you recommend to other Kick users?

Make friends, not enemies. The streaming world is a competition, but that does not mean there can be many winners in the same race.

Grow together and love one another.