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Essie_gotback_kick - User Story


Why did you start streaming?

In all honesty, my journey started as a way to fill time and pure curiosity about what the heck the world of streaming was all about. I never expected to become connected to such amazing people in my community, or even imagined I would end up absolutely loving it and making this my career!

A Bit of History

After grad school, I worked in the mental health field and got burnt out quickly. I figured I would flip a 180 and venture to an even scarier place…the corporate world. I quickly learned that working for the man and chasing dollar signs was not for me.

My boyfriend, at the time, was a huge nerd and was always talking about this thing called Twitch. I honestly thought he was joking when he first explained to me that he was one of the millions of people who enjoyed watching people play video games, talk with chatters (that you can’t even see!), and in some cases be in a bikini by the pool. Not only that but these streamers got paid to do this.

At this point, I knew there was no way I could keep up with the corporate hustle, so I got back into the mental health field and began my Life Coaching certification. At this point I was so lost on what I wanted to do, that I thought …hell with it, I’m going to see what this “streaming” thing is all about.

The thing that surprised me the most, is how naturally it came to me. I’ve always loved connecting with and meeting new people, and that’s exactly what I got and still get to do!

What made you stream on KICK?

I started streaming on Kick after, one of many, unjust bans on Twitch. Enough was enough. I was tired of the blatant favouritism, as well as the discrimination I felt and experienced on their platform, as a “curvy” Latina woman.

I knew that by coming over to Kick, it would be hard work to build myself back up on a new platform from scratch-nonetheless on a platform that was still in its early beta days. But if starting over meant I would be allowed to be myself and not made to feel guilty for being born looking a certain way with a curvy body type…I was all for it! BEST STREAMING DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE!!!

What type of Content do you produce?

My home base is in the Pools category. However, because my ADHD doesn’t like to be held down to one thing or another, I am a variety streamer. During my streams (if I’m not chilling by my pool), I’m probably doing a workout on my Tonal machine and or treadmill, or (most likely) you can find me in my streaming room embarrassing myself with sub-par dance moves and laughing at my own awful “that’s what she said” and dad jokes.

essie_gotback_kick at the gym

I am a huge advocate of supporting female streamers 'supporting one another', and I make it a point to not only connect with other women on Kick-but to introduce different streamers to each other to continue building a supportive community amongst the women of Kick.

Collaborating as much as possible with streamers, both smaller and larger than myself, is another thing you’ll see a lot of on my streams!

Streaming Schedule

Monday-Friday at 2pm-7pm EST!