Chopstix - User Story

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Chopstix - User Story


Why did you start streaming?

I started streaming in March 2020. I've always had a passion for gaming growing up, I used to spend endless hours gaming with my 2 older brothers. Life can be chaotic sometimes and I found comfort and peace in being able to distract myself by connecting with like-minded gamers from all over the world.

Screenshot of Chopstix playing Fortnite on Kick

I wanted to create a safe space for people like me to come hang out and feel good to vibe out, to be a part of a community I now call my family.

What made you stream on KICK?

After streaming Full-Time on Facebook Gaming it became apparent that as much as I was grateful for my growth there, the platform's intention behind gaming was no longer fulfilling my needs as a creator.

Kick is a place where both the creator and viewer feel heard, appreciated and can thrive knowing the staff are passionate about consistent improvement and endless potential for future growth overall.

Chopstix Playing Fortnite on

I have found Kick to truly listen and understand what creators and viewers are after in a platform, continuously striving to be the best while adding new features and ease to the user.

Their support overall is refreshing and with the new 'Creator Incentive Program' rolling out it has given hope and support to creators striving towards their dream of creating entertainment.

Moving to Kick Full-Time was the best decision I have made in my career so far and I am very proud to represent the platform.

What type of content do you produce?

I've always been mostly into shooter games, I am a die-hard Fortnite nerd although on the occasion I play some variety of games for late-night laughs with fellow creators.

As an Australian/Asian streamer, I provide high energy and chat interaction to my streams while providing a warm 'at home' vibe and goofy entertainment.

Streaming Schedule

You can find me live usually 8pm AEST / 6am ET