blinktattoo - User Story

Learn more about blinktattoo and how they became the first Verified Tattoo Artist on Kick

blinktattoo - User Story


Why did you start streaming?

Honestly, I was just bad at video games so I decided to stream what I was mildly mediocre at and do on a daily basis which was tattooing! It was a new way to expand my social media presence and show everyone my artwork.

arm tattoo

Not only does it bring a whole new experience to my client but it holds me accountable daily to provide the best possible work I can because what’s more intimidating than having a bunch of people on the internet watching your every permanent move?

What made you stream on KICK?

photo of blinktatto with live stream chat in the background whilst tattooing

I made the choice to stream on Kick to prove a point in the beginning and after a handful of successful streams, I went full send. The amount of pride that the platform takes in its creators and trying to get anyone on any level to be the best creator they can be is amazing.

People will always have their opinions on what is right and what is wrong but overall this platform allows the creator to do what they do best..create.

95/5 Revenue Split at Kick

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The revenue split as a whole allows the creator to put back into their content and community. This is huge for anyone looking to step their game up to the next level to follow their dreams of being a full-time creator.

What type of Content do you produce?

The content I make is a little bit different than the norm. I create permanent doodles (tattoos) on people 5 days a week.  

It creates an entire experience for those with and without tattoos. From learning pure basics of standard sanitation/sterilization to even aftercare.

blinktattoo streaming on Kick

Let me elaborate this is not a substitute for a proper apprenticeship. I have helped people successfully acquire apprenticeships themselves by helping with their art/portfolio and even explaining how to get their foot in the door.

It allows people to see that this industry isn’t as intimidating as some people make it look. It gives people an idea of what tattoos could look like and what to find in an artist if they’re looking for tattoos themselves.

First Verified Tattoo Artist on Kick

From being the first verified Tattoo Artist and now the First Class partnered Tattoo Artist on the platform my community and I have set a nice foundation for any other artist coming in to do the same.

Charity Events

We have even done charity events where we raised the most money across the board ($6000+) during the BBJess Kick vs Twitch event.  Making KICK community the winner!

Streaming Schedule & Channel URL

I am usually live Thursday-Monday 1/130 pm CST until the tattoo is completed.