AyeDeon - User Story

Learn more about AyeDeon, a long term streamer who plays & live streams NBA and FPS Games on Kick.

AyeDeon - User Story

đź”´ https://kick.com/ayedeon

I began streaming back in 2017 on Mixer, after saying since 16 I would love to play video games and build friendships doing it. Watching others play games and building communities was amazing to see, especially those that I felt I was similar to.

My Streaming History

I make Call of Duty Multiplayer gaming content in public quick play games, NBA 2K with friends and other FPS/Sports games that peak my interest.

I had been streaming from Mixer, To Facebook, To Twitch & nothing seemed to make me genuinely happy since the Mixer shut down. I'm relatively small as a creator and don't average hundreds of viewers. But knowing the ones I have around me, I decided to give it a shot and the 95/5 split was a big part of it.

Screenshot of AyeDeon live streaming NBA on Kick
Streaming NBA 2K24 on Kick

Knowing I wanted to make gaming and content a career, Kick made me realize I needed to step up my game and build outside of it as well and I haven't looked back.

Kick is FOR the Creator

Of course we all love the 95/5 split for creators. But what's really dope about it is when you actually do meet genuine people that want to see you succeed, or vice versa. Not to mention the support of the platform and the support behind the scenes.

Knowing they are FOR the creator not just for themselves.

My Streaming Tips

Few things I recommend to other creators looking at Kick, is to simply keep building your brand. Build outside of Kick, while bringing that community to the platform.

Make a name for yourself on the platform, while making it off. Use social media! Don't make the mistake I did so long ago and never start a YouTube channel or not utilize social media properly. It can really change your perspective on content and what you can gain from it.

đź”´ https://kick.com/ayedeon