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AbiCoops - User Story

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Why did you start Streaming?

I started streaming during COVID-19, I would be playing games in lockdown and thought I might as well give it a go!

I'm usually compared to a fun bubbly person, so I thought why not make some people smile! I was brought up on a council estate and everyone thought I was insane, playing video games as a job wasn't believable or seen as a job but I was labelled as lazy! To those who do stream who are reading this can AGREE, we are everything BUT lazy!

AbiCoops streaming Call of Duty on Kick

On a personal level, I was struggling with a lot of mental health but streaming allowed me to escape and make new friends who were non-stop supporting, even today we are all close and we even do meet-ups!

My family at the beginning weren't very supportive until I explained my community of 100s and got them involved in stream challenges! This then allowed me to gain more confidence in what I was doing!

I wanted to make people smile, I wanted to be the reason a person smiled that day! Realising I wasn't the only one struggling in COVID times I wanted to be the person I needed, getting people involved in games, calls and challenges!

That's where it started!

What made you stream on Kick?

I took a huge break from streaming due to personal things in my life which restricted my ability to stream and make time for my community. However, one day I received an email from Kick.com, I was very sceptical at first due to I had zero clue who it was from and it was offering me a chance to stream on their platform!

AbiCoops streaming Call of Duty on Kick

This ignited a spark in me, a platform, that wanted me to come back and stream on THEIR platform. Not to sound dramatic, but:

Kick was the reason a lot of my confidence came back

Once I did my first stream on Kick, seeing faces from my community follow was the most wholesome thing ever! Kick gave me a chance! From this point on, I took a small break as I went traveling for a little bit, but as soon as I came back I was welcomed with open arms, I was welcomed by the staff, and community and then even featured for the first time! I cried... soo much during that stream!

What kind of Content do you Create?

My content is a reflection of my community! I mainly play Call of Duty, however, as simple as that seems, I do silly challenges that range from eating a sour-sweet to eating PICKLE JUICE MARINATED BULL TESTICALS WITH WASABI! So yeah... my streams are just straight-up chaos.

I have ADHD and do not try to hide my energy outbursts and "weirdness", my community loves seeing how real a streamer can be! With me being so transparent about myself a lot of people have benefited and gained confidence that being yourself is a superpower!

We always allow our community to come in and play, we do movie nights and game nights in Discord to make sure everyone gets involved despite their time zone! We do giveaways every other week from my partnerships, and do a monthly giving back session!

All in all, no stream is ever the same!

What are your top tips for live streaming?

Be yourself is possibly what everyone hears... but it's true! - Being yourself allows you to connect to your community on a respectable level and an opening for friendships!!

Commentate EVERYTHING - A lot of people ask me what the best tip when streaming to a small amount of people and it is to act as though you're on a radio and just talk! Talk about the game, new updates, get involved with game chat, play with your community and just be you! If you wanna sing, SING. If you wanna dance, DANCE. If you wanna make some cracking jokes, CRACK EM!

ASK AND LISTEN - ASK questions to those who are in places where you're aiming to be and LISTEN. Most streamers like myself LOVE being asked questions, like for example "Where do I get my overlays from?" or "Where can people get them?" So I decided to make a Google Drive filled with free streamer resources for EVERYONE!

One thing I've learnt is streaming can become quite competitive, some people see streaming and content as a race! A race to the biggest numbers or the biggest sub-count.

This is my BIGGEST piece of advice:


People like myself are here to watch on the sidelines and be proud of you every step!

Streaming Schedule

I stream most days in the evening apart from Wednesday!

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