Kick Event - Terms and Conditions

It’s important that all events listed/supported on our platform adhere to specific terms and conditions so we can together launch an impactful event, and ensure a seamless and positive experience for everyone involved.

Please take a moment to thoroughly read and ensure you understand the following guidelines and requirements.

  • Graphic 1600x1000px to be provided by the Event Creators
     Must contain the KICK Logo
     Must contain the Event Title
     Must contain Date/Time & Timezone
     Must contain available spots/participants
  • Event Description to be provided by the Event Organizers
  • Event Date & Time (including timezone) to be provided by the Event organizers
  • Any casting channels to be provided by the Event Organizers
  • Kick to provide event article draft will be provided to the Event Organizers prior to publishing which will need to be approved.
  • Event Article to be announced first by Kick Social Media Team
  • Event Organizers to engage (at least like & repost) each Kick Community X (Twitter) post pertaining to the event.

General Conditions

  • All participants of the event must stream on Kick unless otherwise approved
  • Multi-Streaming is not permitted
  • Event organisers, Casters, Commentators & Team captains officially associated with the event MUST contain their Kick URLs in Social Media Bios
  • List of Event participants (Kick Channels) to be provided to Kick prior to the event starting.
  • Participants involved with cheating will be banned from the event
  • Participants involved must use the Event Title in their Stream Title

Sign up Process

  • Open and Fair to all users
  • Sign-up using an online Form (Google Forms preferred) *
  • Sign-up form submissions are to be shared with the Kick Team during the signup process

    * If using a 3rd party app to track sign-ups, all contestants including Kick channels to be available upon request.


  • Payment is to be made after the Event to the Event Organizer who will in good faith distribute to the winners of the event
  • FIAT/Wire/Bank Payments will require an invoice after the event has concluded
  • Crypto Payments to be made in a Stablecoin Currency eg. USDT
  • Any fees associated with distributing prizes are the responsibility of the Event Organizer